How to plan any 10 day tour?

Everybody loves to go on a trip but going to a new place to experience a new culture and to explore needs a bit of planning so that when you get there, you make the best of the time you have and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Nobody likes going on a trip and then realising on the way “Oh! I forgot this” or “I should have done that” or “if only”. To help you avoid that, here is a 10-day tour agenda. Of course, this is a general plan, not to any specific country or state but it can be helpful.

  1. A tour no matter where the place requires time and also a certain budget. Have you saved enough? It is exciting to learn about new culture, visit new places and explore but it is not exciting when you spend more than what you have and somehow ending up in a crisis. Make sure that you have enough savings. You don’t need to have so much, but you do need to have enough. A good planning to have a budget friendly tour can be as much fun. So start saving.
  2. There are quite some places you can visit that has a budget package. So finalise the location. You can figure out where you want to go by reading books about the places, guidebook, travel magazines or you can also ask the people you know who have travelled there and enjoyed. Everyone enjoys different things so figure out what you want to see and experience. Also, check if you need to apply for a tourist visa or any countries before visiting.
  3. After you decide on a place, you need to learn a little about the place. Of course, you are going there to learn about their culture and so on, but you need to know a little about them. Learn about their culture a little and behaviours that you need to be aware of and also their money system, understand the difference so that you don’t get ripped off. There are online sites and also bloggers who travel, so you can get in touch with other travellers and ask their experiences and tips or get a heads up of where you are going.
  4. After deciding where and deciding when which season would be the best to travel? Next, you have to find the right mode of commuting. Direct flights may be more expensive, so you can check for the connecting routes and explore on your way to your final destination. Decide which air ticket is the best for you and also compare the fares so that you get it for the best price.
  5. After you are all done planning and saving, look out for offers, book your accommodation, pack your bags, re-check everything- credit card? Passport? Visa? Vaccination? And then enjoy the new adventure. Also Wear your money belt, just for the sake of being careful

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