Essentials that you must have for any planned tour

Whether it’s your first time travelling or the tenth time, there are always some essentials that you need to remember for every journey. It is called ‘essentials’ for a reason. Always remember this list of essentials-

  1. Your luggage – Choose a hard shell rolling suitcase that can carry all of your needs, one that is light weight durable and adaptable. Invest in a good luggage bag, and it will be worth it. It will assist you throughout all your tours that lie ahead. Also choose a back pack so that throughout your journey, it lets you be hands-free so you can move around freely
  2. You need to pack according to what you are going to do and how your destination’s weather is. You need to pack the basics and be organised. Don’t forget your underwear, PJs, socks and wears in the case of emergencies. If you are going during the summer, take one full sleeve in case something happens so that you are prepared. You can’t carry 4/5 pairs of the shoe so the best way would be to carry a multi purpose shoe and flip flops. Also, the things you pack should be respectful to the country’s or the community’s culture.
  3. Your toiletries- Your toiletry bag should be kept light, cosmetics to a minimum and TSA complaint. Limit your liquids.
  4. One very important thing that you need to do if you are travelling internationally is to check the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s website so that you know about travel vaccines, medicines and any travel advice. Many vaccinations require being administered two months prior the travel date so stay informed. Prepare your first aid kit, pack some bandages, medicines, repellents, sanitizers, wet wipe or even other various wipes that you need to look out for your health.
  5. Besides your luggage bag, you will need your backpack or any carry back where you pack anything that you will want with you on the flight, or train or buses. Keep it light so that it will be easier and more organised for you. Carry mobile, charger, headphones, camera, eye mask, etc.
  6. Important documents- Travel with a good file or a document organiser and keep them organised! Something that holds Passports, ID, boarding pass, credit cards, document. This will help you in getting from one place to the other.
  7. Be aware- In any cities, there are pickpockets so look out. Keep your belongings close to you and lock your bags. You can use a money belt, neck wallets keeping your cash and passport safe.
  8. Other stuff that is essential are passport photos-carry extras just in case, foldable down jacket, torch-you can’t always depend on your phone’s flash light, travel insurance, padlocks- they will keep your backpack secure, and you can also use them in case you get lockers in a hostel or a hotel, scarf- a nice light weight scarf will surely come in handy if the evening gets chilly or if it gets too hot, you need to protect your head.

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