Best Way to Explore The World That I Use For 13+ Years

I always look for new things, especially if it’s something that I can pass on to the readers of Valleys Tourism. Today, I want to give you my secret to how I find amazing spots to visit around the world.

But I will say right from the get go, it’s nothing impressive.

It works, though.

Roll the dice

The very first day after I return from a trip abroad starts the same. I take out my world map, full of pins, notes and a few pictures. I take out six small rocks I hold next to the map and thrown them at random. It’s not perfect. You often roll oceans and inhabitable islands. But for me the process is extremely fun. So, I continue rolling until I have six different spots.

Last time it was different parts of Mexico, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Canada, Gambon and India.

But that’s not all.

Truth is, traveling costs a fortune and I am neither rich nor crazy to travel where a tiny rock shows me.

So, that’s where you begin your research.

You can’t be shy or let yourself be limited by what you are used to.

Go to Reddit (my personal favorite subreddit is Places), use Google images and google the countries you rolled, look at AirBnB (here’s where I wanted to live if I ended up in Gabon). Not to say that Gabon is a bad country or something, but it’s proof that a room to stay in you can always

In any case, don’t rush it. Take your time and explore all 6 spots and as you do, try to notice where your heart wants to go.

I promise you, as you will start looking through the spots, you will discover some gems you had never even imagined existed in the first place.

Personally, I’ve found some fantastic places, amazing people that I will never be able to forget.

Like an old fisherman that took me in for the night in Argentina when I had no place to stay.

Like a young, sexy couple of travelers I met in the beach in southern France.

Like a Swiss girl that I met in a Bryan Adams concert who went to every concert in that tour.

I saw saw spectacular non-league football games, better than any Champions League final I have watched. I even got an enhanced casino deposit bonus just because I was able to sweettooth my way in through the head of security.

I swear, these experiences stack up, build your character and wit and make you indestructible. That may sound crazy. It may be simply that your self-confidence grows immensely with every successful trip.

And the good news is that it’s hard to have an unsuccessful trip when you don’t have exclusive and perfect expectations. You go with a list of things you want to see, but what happens, happens. That’s a feeling of freedom that’s worth chasing.

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