Best budget tour packages in 2017

So, you like travelling, and the world seems to be calling out to you to visit and explore, but your account is holding you back? Well, here is a list of the best budget tour packages that will make way for you to the world.

  1. Thailand- Thailand is an attractive place with many travellers going in and out. It is a budget friendly place which has beautiful and picturesque islands with beach huts where one can just let it go and relax. It is rich in culture, and even the cuisine entices you to try and enjoy it. There are many options for outdoor activities for the adventure lovers and also activities for people who want to have a peaceful and quiet stay. All these are available at pocket-friendly prices whether you are travelling in a group or solo. We get more than what we pay.
  2. Vietnam– Located in the Eastern part of Indo-Chinese peninsula is Vietnam which has been developing at an exceptional rate over time. The great country side is what attracts the travellers. From the waterways to the paddy fields, the heavenly beaches and the cities, it provides a scenic view and experiences. Taking a short Yacht or a boat ride is a good way to save time and also money. It also provides a local experience and an incredible view.
  3. India – One of the destinations for people with a budget in India. India has one of the world’s most astonishing architecture, a culture filled with a myriad of colours and diversity. It is the one country where you can get a lot of options. To enjoy friendly beaches in India, one can go to Goa and to enjoy the historical architecture and temples; one can go to various states. Food in India too comes at a low price. One can enjoy the authentic cuisines of India at a pocket-friendly range.
  4. Bhutan– Bhutan – also called as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragons’ or the ‘Druk Yul’ offers admirable breathtaking natural wonders. It is one unique country both culturally and environmentally. The way to experience the most and enjoy the awesome view and surrounding area by walking or taking the road. Bhutan is known for its strong sense of culture and tradition, and it can provide a life changing experience. Places to experience in Bhutan are the Takshang Goemba, Paro, Haa to Chhusom, Punakha Dzong, Jakar Dzong, etc.
  5. South Africa – South Africa is a multi-ethnic society with a wide variety of culture, language, religions. A wonderful place to visit filled with extravagant African wildlife and amusing safaris and the various cultural practices. It is one of the great things that South Africa offers without a large bill. One will be able to see the white rhino in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi. A plethora of options for the adventure lovers are also available. If you are up for an adventure or simply want to enjoy the diversity- Africa will absolutely not bore you.

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